At The Taxi.com Road Rally 5

Again I ate at the bar and had pleasant conversation with Paul, another member.  Again checked out the open mic and heard one great song by a youngish member.  The caliber of music overall, while not all the time my taste, was extremely high.

The final day there were several of the “song pitching” panels…so I had to choose between that lottery or hearing Jason Blume.  I chose the lottery.  Sure, the song is important.  But luck can be a wonderful thing.  Then I checked into “Better Guitar Recordings” which was more about correct guitar technique, per se, than recording tips.

One panel included Lamont Dozier.  I confess that I did not know his name before the Rally.  But let me tell you, it brought tears to my eyes when they played the compilation montage of his hits.  Turns out he is the most successful songwriter in the U.S., having written many, if not most, of the biggest Motown (Supremes) and other hits (How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You) from the 60’s on up.  I grew up grooving to this guy’s stuff sung by other artists.  What a huge talent this guy is.

The Rally is an amazing experience.  Perhaps a little lonely to go it alone as I did, but still worth it.  It had some shortcomings (I wrote a long letter to the CEO about), but much more that was right.  And it was free.


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