At The Taxi.com Road Rally 4

Jason Blume is probably one of the most sought-after mentors and presenters at the Rally.  Again, a number one hit writer, he travels all over doing workshops for songwriters.  He led a session on “Mastering The Music Row Formula”.  I had no clue what Music Row meant, but I went because it was Jason Blume.  Music Row, as it turns out, is a section of Nashville where the music industry is concentrated.  Jason was as advertized.  A good presenter, animated and entertaining.  And even though I am not a Country music writer, there was much to cull from the session.

About 5 sessions happen over the course of the 3 days where registrants submit songs to be heard by a panel.  If they like what they hear, they ask for a copy.  Some musicians have been “signed on the spot” as a result of such sessions.  Others get some polite constructive criticism.  The songs are chosen at random and you never know if yours will be chosen.  The only way to know is to attend the session itself.  Let me tell you, it is a nail-biting 90 minutes.  I want to get chosen and, at the same time, am terrified that if I do, the song will flop.  My songs never got chosen over the 3 days.  I perspired for nothing.


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