At the Taxi.com Road Rally

I arrived from Ottawa just before noon.  Waiting around at the fragile/oversize baggage claim for my guitar I began meeting others (also waiting for guitars) destined for the Road Rally.  The easy camaraderie was already beginning.  It was a short shuttle to the Westin LAX, the conference hotel.  I checked in and inquired about a Staples store or shopping centre nearby.  The concierge told me that there was one about a mile down the road.  It was a beautiful day (about 31 degrees Celsius or 88 F) and I figured a mile was not too far to walk.  Got my sandals on and baseball cap and set off.  The airport neighbourhood is nothing pretty.  With all the bankruptcies and foreclosures, it made for an even more “scenic” walk.  FIVE miles later, drenched in sweat and dehydrated, I arrived at the Staples store and got what I needed.  Not a taxi in sight, I walked back to the hotel.  I managed to flag down one taxi half way back.  He declined to take me because he wanted to go in the other direction!!

I neglected to mention that when I left the hotel at 12:30, I noticed people already lining up for registration.  The early birds get their pick of the one-on-one mentor sessions.  These sessions last just 10 minutes.  But it is your opportunity to access an industry professional that you may not otherwise ever be able to talk with…let alone for 10 minutes.  Some, it was clear, were hotter picks than others and there were lots of keen Taxi members willing to camp out for hours for the chance to snag one.  Registration was set to begin at 5:30 and I lined up at about 4.  By this time the line snaked through the lobby and out into the parking garage for some distance…only half of what it was to become.  My line mates were friendly and talkative and the time went by relatively quickly.  EVERYBODY, it seemed, was friendly and talkative and interested in networking.


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