Mr. H. – Part 2

I didn’t need to place a reminder in my calendar to know the date of H’s return.  I gave it an extra day for catch-up and emailed the man.  I received a quick response that he would give the CD a listen over the next few days.  I was leaving for San Francisco, but I still had a phone and email.  Oddly, H asked if I knew so-and-so.  I didn’t, but I made it my business to find out who he was.  Turns out he’s a singer-songwriter from the East coast.  I emailed H that I knew who the singer was, but didn’t know him personally…and asked why he had asked.  He responded “because he lives near you”.  Oh.

So there I was, on a monster bicycle in the Napa Valley when my phone rang.  Actually, we had an iPhone, a BlackBerry and a regular old Samsung…all set with the same ring tone.  It was like a circus every time the phone(s) rang, my wife and I never knowing which to grab first.  By the time I got the correct phone, the ringing stopped and it was a number I didn’t recognize.  There was a voice message, but I didn’t bother picking it up…I just called the number that appeared on the phone.


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