Mr. H – Part 1

A distant cousin (I have thousands) was married to a guy who attends our synagogue.  He’s also been in the local radio business for decades.  He has contacts within the (music) business…but one especially valuable one (I’ll call him Mr. H.).  Mr. H. has been in and around the music industry locally and across North America forever and has discovered artists and been extremely influential.  One of my younger brothers was friendly with Mr. H’s daughter about 30 years ago and I recall going to H’s home to pick him up once.

Several months ago I wrote to my cousin’s ex and asked him, as I was asking everyone, if he could pass along my CD to Mr. H.  Well, he was just celebrating a child’s wedding and leaving for the Caribbean and wouldn’t be back for several weeks.  I gave it a month and sent out the CD.  I gave it another few weeks and checked in…he’d given it to Mr. H.  I gave it another month and checked in.  I asked if I could or should contact Mr. H. (whose number, for obvious reasons, was not available to the public).  After a few days I got a copy of an email between cousin’s ex and H and, bottom line, I could contact Mr. H. in a few weeks on his return to Canada.


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