In 2 years now of submissions, I can say I have never gotten a gig through SonicBids.  SonicBids is the site where musicians view potential gigs, opportunities, contests and pay to have their band apply to the promoter.  It is a clearing house for musical jobs of one description or another.  Clearly, it is aimed at the young musician and all the “jobs” are primarily for younger audiences.  I managed to eke out 2 honourable mentions in each of 2 contests put on by Mike Pinder, formerly of the Moody Blues.  I’m not willing to throw my money away on SonicBids anymore…though you have to belong in order to put your name forward for many many jobs.

I had heard about TAXI for a couple of years, but always shied away from it because it was so much more expensive than SonicBids and seemed to do the same thing.  But speaking with other musicians after I released the first CD, I kept hearing TAXI come up over and over again.  I bit the bullet and took out a membership.  A month later I get an email inviting me to attend their annual conference in L.A..  I check it out and put in my name, all the while expecting to see a huge registration fee.  I was blown away when I learned that there is none.  A 4 day conference with industry professionals for free.  I’m there.


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