Life Choices Conclusion(s)

Nothing in life is for sure.  But I suspect that had I chosen to pursue music as a career in my 20’s, I would have experienced some success…maybe limited, but in Canada, I think I might have some mid-level success like a Murray McLauchlan or even as high as (dare I say it) a Bruce Cockburn.  Sidenote…my claim to fame = I went to medical school with Bruce Cockburn’s brother John (who bears a strong family resemblance) who is a military physician now.  I am convinced I would have achieved some level of success.  In Canada, if not North America.  A generation of somebodies would have grown up hearing one or another of my songs and attached some emotional tag to it.  By this time I would be past my peak years, but those memories would still be there.  The nostalgia that stirs after the childbearing years, when there is more time and money to devote to frivolous endeavours, would fuel some continuation of a career.  Mostly using that currency of the past.

That nostalgia, those memories are very powerful.  No matter what I may do at this stage in my life, I will never be able to have that impact.  I might be able to write a catchy tune.  I might be able to bring in a crowd in a bar.  But I’ll never be in there like an artist you grow up with.  The flip side is that I’m not sure I would have liked myself.  I would have permanently wondered if I was smart (enough to get through medical school).  I would have been a loser.  Not too deep, but true.

So why bother now, you ask?  Because I feel compelled to try.  What can I possibly achieve?  I don’t know…I won’t know unless I try.


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