Traveling With A Guitar

It would be much easier if I played harmonica or flute.  But traveling with a guitar can be a challenge.  I tried getting a tiny little Washburn travel guitar, looks not much bigger than a fiddle.  It sounded like hell and was difficult to play as a fingerstyle finger-picking guitarist.  Martin also make s a travel guitar.  And they aren’t cheap.  Then I tried a 3/4 Simon & Patrick.  It sounds a lot better and is, at least, playable.  I did occasionally get hassled about bringing it with me on the plane as hand luggage in spite of its small footprint.  But it just wasn’t like playing my Larrivee.  Now everybody tells you not to travel with a guitar.  Not a good one, anyway.  You just have to view Dave Carroll’s hilarious United Airlines Breaks Guitars video to see what airlines do to stuff.  Not every traveling musician buys a seat for his or her guitar every time they travel.

I did my homework.  I knew a long time ago that Calton Cases were considered the best protection for a guitar.  Way back when I first heard of them, they were located in Alberta.  They were bought out by Jim Laffoley in Moncton recently with a significant reduction in customer satisfaction…months of delays and poor communication with Jim, the owner!  I didn’t know this when I ordered the case.  It arrived a week later than promised…so I can’t be that unhappy with delivery.  But communication was poor…several days of no response to email or telephone calls.  I have to say that I was shocked at the look and quality of the hardware when it arrived.  This did not look like a $1200 case.  And it smelled terrible, off-gassing the glue that was used in its construction.  Unfortunately, all of these issues (the hardware, the smell, the problems) were unknown to me.  I might just try to return it and get a Karura case instead.


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