During the recent Bluesfest in Ottawa, we went to Divino’s for a quick bite and a glass of wine before heading to the festival.  We had special tickets for Steve Winwood and Santana…or so we thought.  The Bluesfest materials were not at all clear about this and it appeared as though the 2 were appearing together in the early days of ticket sales.  In fact, Winwood was at a secondary stage and there were no special seats.  As it turned out, he put on a great concert and we were just 10 feet from the stage fence.  And it just so happened that Mike and Marie, our next-door neighbours of 20 years ago, stood right in front of us!  The only downside was that Mike stands about 6’8″!!

We’d been to Divino’s several times before.  Great Italian wines from all over the country.  I ordered their trio of soup (melon soup, gazpacho and vichyssoise) and the tuna with a glass of prosecco.  The waiter did not appear to know what sauces went with the pasta choices, spilled the prosecco all over the table as he poured it and then appeared reluctant to bring us some bread…not a great beginning.  The soups were served in espresso cups and were okay..way overpriced at about $10.  The tuna, a tiny portion, was perfectly grilled and probably one of the best pieces of tuna I can remember…but also overpriced in the mid-20’s.  The prosecco was delicious.  The restaurant is pleasant, bathrooms are clean.  I give the place a rating of 3 strings out of 6 (on a scale of 6 strings) on the basis of variable food quality, poor service and unreasonably high prices for very small portions.


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