Lake Placid Detour 2

There are lots of places to eat in Lake Placid.  Unfortunately, there are not a lot of good places to eat, in my humble opinion.  I was there for 4 nights and, hence, had 4 dinners.  The first night we ate at the Mirror Lake Inn restaurant called The View.  Like the grand old hotel itself, The View has been known for being a great place to eat in town.  My wife and I found the service slightly anxious and not at all relaxed.  The food, frankly, was mediocre.  The best place to eat in town is The Brown Dog.  When we bought a bottle of wine in a shop on Main Street, the vendor suggested it and we followed suit.  It is a small, funky restaurant also on Main Street with a nice patio overlooking the lake and an open kitchen.  The food is great.  They are known for their steaks, but we also enjoyed their seafood.  Not overpriced (the main meals included a generous and delicious salad).  Reservations are a must.  You want a table by the window or on the patio if the weather’s nice.

We also ate at The Veranda, nestled atop a hill beside the Crowne Plaza.  It too is noted for it’s cuisine.  Good food, yes, but we were shoved in the back room and the service is just passable.  The whole point, aside from the food, is being in the front room with a great view of the lake from the top of this hill.  I guess only the locals know…and I’d stick with The Brown Dog anyway.


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