Life Choices 10

There followed a series of music ‘dates’.  The next guy I played with was a decent acoustic guitarist.  We got together about once a week and he played nice riffs over my acoustic stuff.  Then, out of the blue, he had no time and made it sound like work pressures were going to prevent him from continuing.  So we no longer played together.  Oddly, though, every time I have placed an ad in the Musician’s Classified here in my city, he responds to it!  When I let him know that it’s me, there’s just silence.  Weird.

The next guy was about my age and had several CD’s out already.  A singer-songwriter.  I thought maybe I could collaborate on songs.  But before I could tell him that it wasn’t going to work (his stuff just wasn’t my taste) he dumped me!  I continued to keep my ads in the Musician’s Classified, which is really a great site for local musicians here.  Mike, my current bass player, responded to the ad.  We played together and worked on a bunch of my stuff for months before we stumbled upon Gleb, our drummer, who also answered the ad.  docweissband was born.


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