Life Choices 9

It seems, though, that it’s not enough just to play music on stage at a gig, or even an open mic.  The audience wants to hear you speak.  It took me a bit to understand this, but once I did, it really came very naturally.  There’s still lots of experimentation.  I know, for instance, that it never works if I make fun of somebody else, but almost always seems engaging if I make fun of myself.  It seems that the more personal a story is, the more responsive the audience is.  I just started collecting experiences that happen to me in the weeks or months prior to a gig…anything that seems quirky, odd, or makes me look foolish.

One such story I told between songs at a docweissband gig was about going to the guitar shop a few days before the show.  The guitar needed an adjustment and the strings had to be removed.  This was an ideal time to change the 9 volt battery inside the guitar body that powers my pickup.  You never want your pickup to conk out during a gig!  It’s impossible to access with the strings on.  So I go ahead and swap out the old battery and, like a good environmentalist, put it in my pocket for proper disposal.  A few minutes later I’m standing at the cash and feel a distinct and increasing heat in my pants pocket.  I realize that the 9 volt battery is sitting next to my keys in the pocket and the keys…being metal…are shorting out the battery…and getting very hot.  Moral of story, think twice before storing keys and 9 volt batteries together in sensitive places.


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  1. June 24, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Keep up the Good Work!

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