Life Choices 7

We were at a bar mitzvah for one of my former partners children.  At our table, I sat next to one of their friends and we struck up a conversation.  Turns out he was a guitarist and I made a mental note to remember his name.  I called my partner a few months later and got the contact info for the guy and called him.  I proposed that we jam.  He came over to my home a few days later and we sat down.  He played a tune…nothing special.  But he was a capable player.  Then I started to played…except that I couldn’t.  Stuff I had played for a few years by now…I couldn’t.  My fingers just didn’t work and I felt like a total idiot.

It reminds me of going to India as part of a W.H.O. team looking into a new method of male contraception called RISUG (I wear many hats aside from docweissband).  I had the privilege of being the first Western physician to perform one of these procedures (something I regret to this day…but that’s another blog).  I’m all gloved and masked and ready, there’s 16 people around the table to witness the event and I am starting the process.  And my hands begin to shake almost uncontrollably.  I’m not talking a little tremor.  I’m talking great big embarassing like I’ve got a neurological disorder shaking.  As an experienced ‘vasectomist’ I completed the surgery without mishap.  It taught me just how much, or how little, control I really have over my hands.


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