Life Choices 6

Then we moved.  To a big old house in a nice downtown neighborhood.  And put the medical practice in the basement of the house.  It was considered brave (or stupid) when we did it.  But it didn’t make sense not to.  I was working in a big group practice with no control over costs and a practice that was increasingly at odds with my partners.  Working out of my home meant huge savings, tax breaks and paying off a mortgage in a few years instead of a few decades.  It also meant less travel.  I spend almost no time in a car.  There’s no commute and, at least for a number of years now, I no longer do hospital work.  Imagine all those minutes adding up to hours that get freed up when you walk down a few stairs to get to work instead of stewing in a car..

When I invested in a new acoustic guitar in 1997, it couldn’t have been more than a day before the first piece came out of my fingers…just a little instrumental.  Then another and another.  My wife bought me a 12-string for one birthday and my first piece with lyrics came out (Freight Train – check it out at docweissband.com).  Slowly but surely the songs kept coming…but what to do with them?


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