Life Choices 5

To get the ‘doc’ into docweissband, you’ve got to go to medical school…and it’s a killer.  Not just that, but getting into medical school’s a killer.  You’ve got to get top grades and put up with the seedier side of some competing comrades who somehow get old exams to study with and remove certain books from library shelves and may, after all that, be very smart as well.  I remember writing a song after the birth of my first child which was in first year med school.  A song for her.  Playing and writing were fading into the background and that was the last song I wrote (1983) until I wrote a little instrumental piece in 1997.  I worked hard getting decent grades, slogged my way through medical school and then setting up a medical practice, paying back debts, racking up more debts (mortgages are debts people pretend aren’t).

At one point I bought an electric piano that I could play with headphones on so as not to disturb the family early in the morning.  But when you’re up at 5:30, work all day, are on call at night and have very important baths and bedtime stories to read, there just isn’t an ounce of energy left for creativity.  That couldn’t last.


1 Response to “Life Choices 5”

  1. June 20, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    I love the brief descriptions about how you got to where you are and where you are heading with this I am excited to see. Great reading!

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