Life Choices 2

That was all fine.  But it was a tad lonely, let me tell you.  I wasn’t going to give up, though,  I weighed each new relationship and activity carefully and deliberately…I must have seemed like a total nut.  But I didn’t want to enter into anything that wasn’t going to be healthy and constructive.  Mind you, it wasn’t all that healthy necessarily for my brother to hear piano scales incessantly, back and forth, up and down the keyboard, as I warmed up…often when he was still sleeping.  He was also a smoker which I recognized was not healthy for him or me.  So I would regularly attack him in his sleep (in the morning) to encourage him to quit the evil weed.  It eventually worked.  But I’m sure not because of me.

During this pre-docweissband period I met lots of fellow musicians and looked into the programs available at Berklee School of Music.  I have to confess, I did not find the camaraderie very stimulating intellectually.  While reading music was a struggle and trying to perfect, or at least improve, technique was a challenge, there was no intellectual stimulation for me in the way that I needed it.


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