Life Choices 1

I was turning 21 when I met my wife-to-be, long before docweissband.  I had been living with my brother in Vancouver…essentially as a hermit living out a dream that I had to immerse myself in music.  It was really more than that.  I also moved from Montreal and cut all ties with friends to try and make a fresh start.  I had/have this personal psychology that divides my life like a pie.  Pieces for family, pieces for friends, work, play…a piece for each major part of my life that requires some input and provides some output to me.  I invest my energy into each of those parts.  If one or another is unhealthy or destructive, the idea is that the energy gets drained.  If the investment is a healthy constructive one, then I get back more than I put in.  I was at a point where I felt my choices and relationships were on the whole neither healthy nor constructive to me and I wanted to start all over from scratch.

My brother was attending UBC in Vancouver and had a 2-bedroom apartment at 1st & Yew.  Now it’s a gentrified neighbourhood with million dollar plus homes.  Back then, our apartment super was permanently stoned (and pleasant) and the place was just nice and old and funky.  I collected pogey (unemployment insurance) and played guitar each morning and piano each afternoon and then played for enjoyment during the evenings.  I got myself guitar and piano teachers and just played and played.


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