It’s Who You Know

I have continued to pursue all available avenues to get docweissband heard wherever I can.  But I am SOOOO naive!  It all comes down to who you know.

It is not possible to just contact a publisher or label just like that.  Any idea how much unsolicited stuff they receive every day?  Tons.  Reading the Indie Bible, I thought “Okay, I’ll follow these recommendations and try not to piss people off and not take a shotgun approach and just mail/email everyone in the book…”.  Crap!  It all doesn’t matter, I hate to say.  It all comes down to who you know.  There’s just so much noise out there…everybody’s a musician and can record on their laptops just like me.

I contacted the friend of a friend whose partner has become quite successful in the U.S..  Very nice initial response…nothing followed.  So I’ve just pulled out all the stops.  If a friend knows someone even marginally who might be helpful, I’ve asked if I could contact them (using their name, of course).  I took a course with Don Ross and Andy McKee in 2006 and contacted them.  Recording engineers, other musicians…any warm body with some relation to the industry.


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