Running in 16 different directions

I uploaded the entire docweissband album Different Point Of View to Jango.  I didn’t realize that if listeners choose to listen to your band, they can listen to all kinds of songs that you don’t pay for them to listen to (Jango calls these “Organic Plays”).  I made the 2nd song in the album ‘live’ so that I am paying for it to be played.  It’s called I Just Wanted You To Know.  Interestingly, got a rejection from an EMI promotion that I entered saying that this was the song they liked!  But I still got a rejectorino.

Still writing to each person on Jango that adds themselves as a fan.  Uploaded 10 of the album songs to our revamped MySpace page.  Then I went to Gordon Lightfoot’s page and sent notes to a bunch of his “Friends” who were female over age 35 and asked them to check out the docweissband page and leave a comment…if they liked G.L., they would probably like us.  Not a single comment…yet.

I’ve sent out a bunch of kits for reviewers.  Not a single word on anything…yet.  Not a single sale on CD Baby, iTunes or anywhere that I can tell…yet.  I’m not really sure how long it takes to get any kind of traction and feedback.  Do you HAVE to tour?  It seems like a kind of Catch 22 about touring…by the time you can draw big crowds, you’ve already got a following.


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