Jango 2

I’m starting to understand Jango a little better now that I’ve had a few days on it.

My strategy at first was to upload just one song.  If I was getting airplay, I wanted a song to become familiar.  If I uploaded the whole 13-song docweissband CD, it would just muddy the waters.  But if there was just one of the songs being played over and over, it might hit the same set of ears twice.  When I wrote initially, I think I had about 12 fans.  Now it’s up to 63.

I really decided to narrow things down, though.  I knew the music would appeal to women more than men, older rather than younger.  I know that most sales will happen in the U.S..  So I “targeted” the song so that it favoured listeners who were female aged 35-55.  I included ages 25-35 for a day to see what happened.  It is the 3rd largest group who ‘like’ the song, but a distant 3rd.  It was so fascinating to see that the 35-45 age group were by far the largest at 53%, 45-55 at 39%.

What I really found both useful and curious were the artists that my fans listen to, which gives an indication of who they like (besides me).  I would never have guessed that the top of the list would start with Gordon Lightfoot.  Then came Paul Simon, Van Morrison and Boston.  This list that they call ‘Fan Overlap’ changes over time and becomes more stable after about 1,000 plays.  It is also a powerful way to target the audience again.  That is, you maintain a list of artists that your music will be played next to.  So you essentially target by gender, age, ‘Fan Overlap’ and geography.  For the last I limited myself (after a day or two) to the U.S..

It’s difficult to know if the greatest number of my fans (more than 9%) come from California and Texas (almost 6%) because the greatest number of listeners come from there, or because Californians & Texans know good music when they hear it.


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