Due to my freakish stubborn streak and a very limited musicality, I often write songs for the docweissband using the capo on the fourth fret.  It’s a real sweet spot on many guitars and, due also to a restricted vocal range, is a sweet spot for my vocals.  It’s a total nuisance…I have forgotten to pack my capo, I have to constantly re-tune if I remove the capo or move it, the guitar neck is that much shorter and, worst of all, I have to fumble with the damn capo in the first place.  Playing on the fret above the capo is awkward, and so I have always been in search of the perfect one.  A capo that would exert just the right amount of pressure and not be dinosaur-sized when I’m fingering close to it.

Well I haven’t achieved capo-nirvana yet, but here’s what I have found.  A friend, a good friend, raved about the Planet Waves capo.  It’s light and sleek and designed by Ned Steinberger.  The problem with it is that you have to screw and unscrew the capo to the neck.  This takes time and fiddling and I did not find that it’s profile was sufficiently smaller/sleeker to compensate for the fussing.  The Shubb had been my long time favourite.  Sturdy and adjusts prior to placement so that it is set and ready all the time.  But I kept on hearing about the G7th capo.  So, when my guitar strings site was having a sale, I coughed up the change (it’s expensive) and checked it out.  It’s hefty but cool.  Just place it over the strings and squeeze.  Very quick, good even pressure across the strings.  It’s got a smooth profile, so playing close to it isn’t bad.  But it’s the best of a bad lot…still too big for my liking, but it’ll have to do.  If you have some capo experience to share, please comment!


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