The challenge is to get as many people to hear your music as possible.  If it’s great (and docweissband is…) then having people hear you over and over again lends a familiarity.  Familiarity allows for acceptance and maybe even loving it.  I know…I would have failed grade 5 English for a sentence like that.  But you get the drift.

How to do it?  How to get people to hear.  I don’t have a big publicity machine.  If I get some reviews, that will drive traffic to the docweissband.com site.  But I want to shout it from the rooftops!

I’ve been a member of SonicBids for a couple of years now.  A disappointed member.  I got a couple of honourable mentions in Mike Pinder’s Song and Band Wars.  Not sure if all the losers get honourable mentions.  But never ever ever got a gig.  And I’ve tried (and paid) over and over again.  Yesterday, though, there was an email from Panos Panay of SonicBids pushing this new internet radio service, Jango, to get you (me) played and giving SonicBids members 250 free plays.

I signed up.  It cost me nothing.  I burned through the 250 plays and started seeing these emails telling me I’ve got a fan here (in Finland) or there (U.S., U.K.).  Then I set targets for my songs by gender and age and who I sound like.  By the end of the day today I had 12 fans from all over the place.  And you have the opportunity to email the fans, which I did, and let them know about your actual site and where to buy etc..  Very interesting to see if it’ll get the music out there.


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