Healey Update and Guitar Toolkit

Healey delivered all the remaining docweissband discs today stating that they could not find a single empty.  Strange that we found several and they could find none.  I am at a loss to explain this.  To their credit, they also made up the shortfall in the order.

I have to tell you about the most useful application I have for my iPhone. It’s also one of the only apps I have paid for, and it was expensive.  It’s called Guitar Toolkit.  I am not related in any way to the company…but it’s one of those great finds you want to share with everyone.  First of all I use it as a tuner.  I find it easier and more sensitive to tune my guitars than my plug-in Boss tuner.  Secondly I can use it as a metronome.  But the metronome part also has a tap pad area which you can tap and it will give you the tempo you are looking for…very useful when I am writing and recording new material.  Most of all, it will name my chords.  This is a total hassle for me when I am preparing chord charts for the other band members.  I use a capo on the 4th fret much of the time and often use 5 fingers with my finger style of playing (I use my pinky).  Naming 7th and 9th chords is a challenge for me.  But with this app I just tap the finger positions on the strings laid out on-screen and – voila – the chord name pops up.  It’as one of those ‘you get what you paid for’ kind of deals.

The only shortcoming is that the chord-naming part of the app does not have a capo option.  I suggested it in the feedback link and they responded, personally, within 24 hours saying that they have had other similar requests.


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