Doing the scut work

Now I have to roll up my sleeves and get down to the scut work…no way around it.  Have to start mailing out discs to reviewers and others with cover letters and correct postage and band photos with labels indicating who everyone is and on and on.

I talked in a previous blog note about GraceNote Database (used to be CDDB) which populates the info for CD’s when you pop them into a computer…so all the track names and artist info is already in iTunes magically when you insert a CD.  Well, iTunes ain’t the only player around and some other players use AllMusic.  Now AllMusic isn’t as simple and easy as GraceNote. AllMusic makes you ship them a physical CD along with band bio and photo!  And they don’t even guarantee that they’ll put you in their database!!  But I shipped them a package anyway.

I received a formal letter from the Canadian Library and Archives requesting a CD for their collection and stating essentially that it is a legal requirement when you ‘release’ a CD in Canada.  Considering that all it takes is money to get a CD out there, imagine all the crapola they must have piling up…


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