Healey Disc and Rob Cosh

So here’s an update on Healey.  They weighed 260 of the discs and found no empties so far.  So they delivered the verified CD’s to me Friday.  The rest are to come today, I assume.  I’ll keep you posted…

We had the CD release event Saturday night (May 8, 2010) and it went great.  The band was up for it and Maya Ethier and Lauren Weiss sang most of the lead vocals and, in Mike’s words, they “were smokin'”.  The room was packed and it was a good crowd, vocal…but in a positive way.  I have to say, what made it particularly wonderful was the sound.  This venue has no PA system of its own and so we supplied the PA with Rob Cosh, the engineer who mixed/mastered the CD, as the sound person.

This is really an ode to Rob.  When we first began working together he did the sound for us at a little club with terrible acoustics.  We were probably terrible too, but he made us sound great.  He EQ’ed all the instruments and you could hear everyone distinctly, each player occupying its position in the sound spectrum.  We all immediately recognized that he possessed an uncanny knack for balancing sound and bringing out the best in each of us.  As the recording process proceeded and Rob began mixing the songs, it became increasingly clear that his ear was superior and he was a perfectionist…continually fine-tuning until the sound and balance were just right.  As a result, we ended up with a 13-song CD that we can truly be proud of.  Rob’s fine musical and sound sense puts a polish on our work that elevates it a notch or two beyond our expectations.

You know, there used to be this old television commercial for Remington shavers where the  owner of the company demonstrates the shaver and, at the end, says “I liked it so much, I bought the company!”.  Well the band liked Rob so much, we asked him to join the band!


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