Healey Disc Screws Up Major!

So, got the CD’s and they look generally okay.  The accordian folded insert with the lyrics and acknowledgements was printed in such a way as to look poorly when inserted into the CD case sleeve.  Otherwise the printing looks okay.  But removing the shrink wrap from one, to my horror, we discovered that there was no physical CD in the case.  Opened another, and another and another…no CD’s in the cases.  There are CD’s in some and not in others.

So, what am I going to do?  We have the CD release party/event in 24 hours where we are also giving the CD’s away to paying customers who attend.  I could weigh all 1,000 CD’s in the shrink wrap (they weigh 70 grams with CD, 50 grams without).  That’s a hassle!  So I emailed and called Healey, speaking to Eric Willison, my rep.  I explained the issue.  It’s curious, because he produced 1,002 CD discs and stated that the print run was short by about 32.  Thinking about it, I figured that maybe the print run was correct, but they had 32 CD discs left over because they weren’t put into the CD cases!  This is all complicated by the fact that I’ve already started to ship CD’s to reviewers who have agreed to take a look at the album.  Imagine them getting an empty CD case.  Why would they bother to take the time to address the issue when they have another 2 dozen CD’s waiting for their attention?  Makes me look like an idiot.

So, the problem ain’t solved yet.  Healey just picked them up to verify which are the empties and return them…all today, Friday.  I’ll keep you posted…


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