Reflecting on the recording process 2…

Keeping track of all the files on a 13-song CD is a challenge.  I had my own tracks, those that I recorded for the band (multiple takes), extra drum kit and bass tracks, separate backup vocal tracks from Maya and percussion tracks from Pablo in Singapore.  Some tracks formed the bed track for others (i.e. a rhythm section for the horns and percussion to record to).  So I would be sending tracks to others and them to me and sometimes, more often than I would have wished, something got lost in the process.  The project spanned about a year in all.  When I would send over a track to someone, it might have been months before they had to use it.  What ended up happening is that I would end up having to find and re-send lots of files…a hassle and very time consuming.

What I will definitely do in the future is have a dedicated file directory for the project with dedicated sub-directories for each song.  But on top of that I will create an Excel spreadsheet for each song to record what I send to whom, what they send to me and when.  I will also make sure I don’t delete download files.  I can’t predict a hard drive crash (as happened during the year, wiping out tons of music files), but I can have lots of redundancy in backups (which I now do have).  I wonder if there isn’t some sort of ready-made project manager for recording in the form of an Excel file…


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