Reflecting on the recording process 1

As I wait for the finished CD, I started to reflect today on what I will do differently next time around.  Each track that the band recorded began with 3 basic tracks: my guitar, my voice and a click/metronome track.  I would record these in my little home studio and then record the band together at our practice.  It really made it easy because the drums are electronic and all of the bass, electric guitar and drums connected directly into my Alesis Firewire board (see my blog post about it here) connected to my Mac running Logic Express.  Gleb, the drummer, usually re-recorded his part later, armed with these tracks…occasionally Mike on bass would also.  I would record Maya’s backup vocals at her home studio.  Then I would give all those tracks to Rob Cosh, the engineer, who would record my vocals on his fine Neumann mic.

But recording anything requires take after take.  Then you can pick and choose the portions that went the best and paste them together (creating a comp) for the final track.  Traveling to Rob’s was also somewhat time-consuming and sometimes scheduling was challenging (I can’t sing first thing in the morning or after I’ve eaten…some say I can’t sing at night or on an empty stomach either!).

So I know one thing I will do differently is probably get myself a Neumann so I can get the best recording of guitar and my vocal that I can.  That way Rob can get all the finalized tracks and we can use our time more efficiently in mixing and mastering rather than recording.  I can’t say that it will save any money…those Neumann’s are expensive.  But it might end up being cost-neutral.


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  1. May 10, 2010 at 2:07 pm

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