Setting up the band website

I have a great web person who set up my office website and it works extremely well…except for the Flash content.  If you use Flash, iPhones cannot access it.  When the office site originally went up years ago, iPhones were a twinkling in Steve Jobs’ eyes.  But now it’s a bit of a problem.  However, I digress.

My web person, Steve Allen, has been working on setting up our band website.  The idea has been to keep it simple, avoid Flash (so it’ll work on an iPhone) and have a separate page completely for the CD.  There were a number of considerations like, do I want to sell the CD myself from the site?  Probably not…let CD Baby/iTunes and the local retailers handle that for now.  How about streaming video and audio clips?  A couple of considerations here…does the host provide unlimited bandwith/streaming and, secondly, how do you handle audio samples of songs so that people don’t just steal the songs?

For that last question, you use a streaming service like HostBaby offers.  Only HostBaby (the hosting service for CD Baby) costs double to quadruple what everyone else costs.  If you steal my songs, please share them with as many people as you can.  You kind of have to be a geek to know how to steal it anyway.  Bottom line…I went with Fat Cow for hosting.  Unlimited bandwidth, simple interface and dirt cheap.  Moo for your money.


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