Another oops.

I had listened to the new CD on various different systems (computer, car, iPhone, clock radio, full stereo system) but had not put it into a new car with one of those new-fangled text displays.  There is one component of CD’s that displays on these kind of car radios that is totally unimportant everywhere else…and that is ‘CD text’.  When you master the CD you have the option of including CD text that displays the artist, CD title and title of each track.  When you pop a CD into a computer connected to the internet, it usually connects to the Graceland CDDB (see one of my previous posts here).  This provides accurate artist and CD info. But cars aren’t usually hooked up to the internet, so this is an alternative workaround for car stereos.

I popped it into one of those new car stereos this weekend and it accurately showed the CD title and all the track names…except for the title track.  And it didn’t show the artist (docweissband)…instead reporting ‘unknown artist’.  While this may be technically correct (that we are unknown), I do take exception to the vehicle driving home the point (pun intended).  The moral of the story is, you’ve got to do ALL your due diligence before handing it over to the CD replication people…and I missed that one.


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