Busy Week

Heard back from 2 of the 4 IndieRhythm customer musicians I had written to yesterday.  Both said they could not identify any positive outcome from their exposure on IndieRhythm…interesting thing is that they were both “Featured Artists” with exposure on the main page.  If you aren’t getting results paying the big bucks with the most exposure, I’m not sure what worth it is.  And certainly splitting up all the sales possibilities just makes it more difficult to manage over time.

So, I’m uploading my songs to CBC Radio 3 (our docweissband site there), and each time I upload a song (yesterday) I see a little URL pointing to iTunes with my band’s name on it…and our album.  Well, turns out CD Baby provided a much longer lead time than we experienced.  It was literally 24 hours or so to be up and running on iTunes.  I haven’t looked into the settings or anything, and I notice they are selling the song that is free on CD Baby for .99 on iTunes.  Don’t know if they do free downloads.

So now just making some final adjustments to our band page (docweissband.com) to go live by the time of our formal CD release date next weekend.  CD Baby also has web hosting, but it’s more than double what I pay now on an annual basis.  It has the advantage of ‘streaming’ music instead of the music being saved in a browser’s cache (where knowledgeable hacks can just steal it).  Don’t know if it’s worth paying double.


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