Our First Sale! …Kind of…

Of the 13 tracks on our CD, the first and title track was priced at $0 to allow a free download.  I think it’s a solid track and might whet the appetite for the rest of the album.  So I got an email from CD Baby this morning announcing our first ‘sale’…a single download of that free track.

What’s interesting is that they provide the name and email address of the purchasor and provide instructions to wait until the purchasor has received the product and then email them to ask if they wish to be placed on our mailing list.  I didn’t know that this was going to happen.  What valuable information!

I’ve received several emails from a CD Baby competitor site IndieRhythm.com asking me to sign up.  They provide a similar service to CD Baby, but charge for the basics and then charge extra for inclusion in the ‘Featured’ section for a 3 month period.  It ain’t cheap AND they ask for 3 CD’s, one that they use for the artwork and audio instead of you uploading your own artwork and .wav or .mp3 files.  So I just chose 4 artists on their site and emailed them asking if the investment is/was worth it. I’ll keep you posted.


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