Moving Right Along

In less than 24 hours I received that email from CD Baby asking me to review and approve my stuff.  One they received that approval, they then begin the process of forwarding the material to their partners (i.e. iTunes et al).  How long does that take?  In the email they provide a little FAQ that states it can take weeks to months for it to proceed and that their partners can take weeks or months to then post the stuff.  As a consolation, though, they say iTunes (the biggest) usually is the fastest and gets stuff up within weeks.

Started writing the band bio for inclusion with the CD to be sent to reviewers.  This is not an easy task.  First of all, I can’t boast about oodles of gigs, because we have not played oodles of gigs…mostly by choice, I would say.  In the last year we concentrated on getting some good recording done and playing a few good gigs…more or less.  It really isn’t that gratifying playing to drunk people who don’t listen anyway.  I like the idea of doing some gigging, just to get myself used to playing /performing.  But you have to boast about something…which I did: honourable mentions in a few song contests, bands my bandmates have played in and with and the really stellar horn section that have credentials that are truly something to brag about.  Tried to be a little wry, not too dry.  Got to play up what you got…


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