Oops…I Thought Everything Was Approved

Friday quitting time I received another email from the CD replicator people asking me to approve the final proof of the actual CD itself.  Makes sense that I had to approve that too and I hadn’t realized that it was not part of the previous packages.  That done (it was okay) means that the whole project can now move forward.

Spent a fair amount of time beginning to work through the Indie Bible CD reviewers section.  The Indie Bible is a large format paperback filled with indie musician resources.  At the very back is a section devoted to advice from industry insiders, half of which I found not very useful (especially the very first entry) either because it provided no practical advice (e.g. the first entry) or it served as an advertisement for the author’s services available elsewhere.  But the other half was packed with, I thought, useful stuff about what to do and what NOT to do (like send out mass emails or unsolicited materials to reviewers).

It’s hard to know just where to begin.  So I just started at ‘A’ in the reviewer section and went through the entries one by one, visiting their websites, trying to get a feel for whether they would be a good fit and trying to find a name I could address an email to.  It is so much better to personalize these emails.  Then I just basically sent a 3 sentence email to each place I found, described the genre, and asked for info on submitting if they were interested.  It is a slow laborious process.  I managed to get from ‘A’ to ‘C’.


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