Live on CD Baby…but What About iTunes?

So my album docweissband – Different Point Of View went live today on CD Baby.  I wasn’t going to go live until May 8th when, hopefully, we’d have the physical CD’s to CD Baby and our other distributors in town.  But without going live in advance, there’s no way of proofing the site…which I did and made a few minor changes.  Very cool.  So after 24 hours, CD Baby provides an aid to setting up a link to your CD Baby page from your own web page.

When you sign up for CD Baby, they give you the option of having your music also distributed by other of their partners, including iTunes.  What musical artist would NOT want to be on iTunes (I mean, besides the Beatles)?  So I did indeed accept that option.  But the process was really unclear.  I set up my CD Baby info, got the page live and could not find anything about iTunes.  Searching iTunes did not bring up my band either.  Searching with Google brought up no information about the CD Baby – iTunes connection process…all I found was what I already knew…that there is some sort of association.  So…Google…here’s what you need to tell people like me: When you sign up for CD Baby you choose whether or not you also want them to market your CD through their partners, iTunes and others.  When you check off that you also want iTunes, CD Baby sets up your CD Baby page first.  Within days to one week of going live on CD Baby, CD Baby (is this repetitive or what…) emails you a notification regarding the iTunes sale.  You do not have to sign up separately with iTunes.


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