The printer approves the proofs

Finally today the printer felt that he/she could go ahead with the printing and the CD is in process.  We are just 2 weeks away from  needing the physical discs…it’s going to be tight.  Basically their timeline is about 3 weeks all told.

The artwork I uploaded for the album cover to CD Baby had bars at the top and bottom because it was not the correct square shape they require.  So I got the artist to get me a 1000 X 1000 pt version.  But CD Baby ‘locks’ the file once uploaded and I had to call to get it ‘unlocked’.  The call took just minutes.  The unlocking took about 6 hours.  But finally that’s done too and looks much better.

And here’s a random thought.  Have you noticed that people don’t seem to shine their shoes anymore?  When I was a kid, you made money shining everyone’s shoes.  These days, it seems, people buy a pair of leather shoes and then just wear them until they’re dead.  Take a look down as you pass people in the hall…mostly men.  I don’t know about you…but I feel better with reasonably polished shoes.  End of random thought.


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