Performing Rights Orgs, CD Baby and Proofs

I’ve been a member of SOCAN, the Canadian performing rights organization akin to ASCAP & BMI in the U.S., for over 30 years.  I wasn’t sure, though, if I had to also be a member of ASCAP or BMI in order to recoup royalties for U.S. stuff.  Turns out all these organizations speak to each other so that if I get airplay (in your dreams) in the U.S., SOCAN will receive the royalties for me from ASCAP.

I loaded up all the songs on my to-be-released CD onto the SOCAN website.  I am both author and publisher.  There’s this whole ‘links’ thing between author and publisher that was quite confusing…just left it blank.

I then went to CD Baby and filled out the registration.  It was very self-explanatory, but time consuming.  I uploaded all 13 tracks.  I had ripped the master CD into iTunes on my computer, converting the tracks to 192 kB .mp3 files only to learn that CD Baby prefers .wav files strongly.  So I re-ripped into .wav format.  In the meantime, I put in all the artist and track info and then uploaded that through the ‘Advanced’ tab in iTunes (with the CD master in the drive) to the Gracenote CDDB database so that the CD and track names will pop up when the CD is loaded in other computers.  That was really simple.

But back to CD Baby.  I wanted to upload the CD cover art…but didn’t have it as a simple square-shaped .jpg file of good resolution, but less than 10 MB…had to ask the graphic artist to tease that out of the files sent to the CD replicators.

Finally the CD proofs came back AGAIN, now saying that even at 7-point font, there may be some letters dropping out.  Now they suggested I make all the fonts in bold.  This is not just a waste of time, but also a major design change…all the titles etc. are already bold so that this change would erase any distinction between titles and regular text.  The graphic artist is working on it now, maybe making titles a different colour in order to stand out.


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