First Round of Proofs

Got an email from the CD people at quitting time today with a bunch of revisions required!  It all boiled down to font size and photo brightness.  All the lyrics for 13 songs have to fit on 6 panels of an 8-panel accordion folded insert (one panel is the cover, one panel acknowledgements)…so the font size has to be tiny…as you see on many CD’s.  My graphic artist used 6-point font and, it turns out, it has to be a minimum of 7 points!  Because of the colour printing process requiring 4 ‘passes’ for CMYK, small fonts degrade and some letters and figures disappear or lose sharpness.  All of the lyrics had to be re-done…or so I thought.  Also the photos apparently print 5-10% darker than they appear on a computer screen.  I am using B&W photos which are purposefully dark to begin with…but 5-10% darker would be too dark.

So I got on the phone immediately with the graphic artist, Casey Li, and he turned it around and uploaded it to their site in 90 minutes!  It would have been nice to know prior to going in that the font size was critical and the photo brightness was an issue.  To their credit, knowing I am on a tight deadline, the CD people offered to look at the files if I got them in before 10 p.m. so as not to delay the project.  So, at least, now YOU know for when you release your own CD.


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