Submitting The Master CD’s and Artwork

Crazy day today getting all the stuff to the CD replication people.  And a whole bunch of stuff I did not know until today…but should have.  When I shopped around for CD replication services, I navigated websites and asked sales-people for information.  But when it came down to the crunch, the website information was misleading.  Example, I had the price option of getting an 8-page stapled booklet.  But you’ve got to use (or should use, to save money) the company’s templates.  The company had templates for accordian folded booklets, not stapled ones.  But no price shown for accordian booklet…who’d have thought it would be MORE expensive than a stapled booklet.  Example #2…the booklet pocket I chose was that in the template supplied, a diagonal cut inner pocket.  Turns out it’s ALSO more expensive than tube-style sleeves.  Then there’s this heiroglyphic code on the price chart which indicates colour printing on one side and black & white on the other (here’s how they print it – “4 panel CD Digipak with 8 page stapled booklet 4/1″…do you understand that?  I didn’t.  Felt a little like bait & switch.

There were a number of documents to complete and send in, a deposit to be paid (60%! Whoa!) and not one, but 2 CD masters to be delivered.  It would have been nice to know all of this in advance…especially considering I had spoken with sales people 3 or 4 times prior to delivery day.  Do I sound bitchy?  Okay, didn’t get much sleep last night.  Ordered a decaf at the local coffee shop (name = those bright things in the night sky + another term for money) and they gave me regular!  *%&#@!


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