Burning the CD

The band released a 4-song demo-sampler CD a few months back.  We wanted to hand something out to fans at one of our gigs in anticipation of our full CD.  So I started to look around at options for CD replication.  At that time I found a shop (in Toronto) that did smaller runs (we only wanted 200 CD’s made), Tech Media Worx.  Essentially it cost me about $2/CD with a printed label on the CD and packaged in paper sleeves.  They were helpful and efficient…I always seem to be working on tight timelines.

But for a full CD project with professional-looking packaging and bar code etc., I looked around a bit more.  There are 4 options to getting a CD done…in a paper sleeve as we did our demo, in a cardboard printed sleeve, in a jewel case or lastly, in what is called a DigiPack (those stiff cardboard-type of jewel cases).  The last option is the most expensive.  But the consideration is that you want the thing to look good and arrive at its destination intact.  I don’t know about you, but I find that the plastic CD jewel cases crack and break all the time.  The DigiPacks have the best chance of surviving the mail system…and they’re the most expensive.  It turns out that, again, CD’s cost about $2 each if you get 1,000 with the DigiPack.  The cost for 500 is almost as much as 1,000…so it didn’t pay to order 500.  Looking around the net, I thought Healey Disc was the best option for me for the full project.  They are organized, knowledgeable, helpful and appear experienced.


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