Sweaty Palms

I performed along with another band last summer, a double bill.  I noticed the guitarist powdering his hands with baby powder before the performance.  It got all over him and his guitar.  I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t imagine getting baby powder on my guitar.  He was doing this because he, like I, sweats a great deal when he plays.  I had another solution and just assumed everyone knew about it.  It’s called Drysol, and it is available at my local pharmacy…though I have to ask for it behind the druggist’s counter.  It does not require a prescription where I live in Canada.  For me it works quite remarkably and keeps my hands dry for gigs…I don’t use it otherwise.  I am not recommending or providing medical advice here, so do what you feel is right for you and use at your own risk.  Here’s what I do:

  1. I put it on last thing before bed with super dry hands ( I use a hair dryer if necessary)
  2. I BLOT it onto my fingertips, fingers and palms…I DON’T rub it in
  3. I just wave my hands around to dry it…it feels a little oily
  4. I do not cover my hands in bed
  5. I MAKE SURE I wash my hands with soap & water first thing in the morning (it can stain fabric)
  6. I use it 3 – 4 straight nights before a performance, or for 3 nights and then every 2nd or 3rd night for maintenance
  7. I never use it otherwise (i.e. unless I am gigging)

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