Making the CD

For the last year we have been recording. I started each song by recording my voice and guitar in my home studio. I use the inexpensive Audio Technica AT2020 mics (2 on acoustic guitar) and the 12-channel Alesis Multimix firewire mixer going into my MacBook Pro laptop running Logic Express. I bring that to the band and then run electric guitar, bass and electronic drum kit also directly into the Alesis board…they record to my guitar and vocal base track. We do at least 4 takes for each piece and take the best parts of each take to create a comp for each instrument. Logic Express makes this extremely easy. I then re-record my vocals at my engineer’s home studio (The Lab) using his amazing Neumann mic on Cubase. I record my backup vocalist’s part at her home studio running ProTools. Rob Cosh, my engineer, creates a rhythm section track that I send to my Cuban percussionist friend who lives in Singapore! He records to that and sends me the wave files.


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